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TAKARA means treasure in Japanese, which pretty much sums us up. We’re all about bringing together the treasures of the world.  Because no matter how rough on the outside, we all sparkle like gems when you crack us open.



كي٠ية ربح المال من تداول الأسه٠The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth, second to oil.

3febbfc7039b603e19f6a5a00cfad71a Nearly half of clothes today are made from GMO cotton. One shirt uses approximately 2,700 litres http://www.cilentoescursioni.it/?kiskwa=opzioni-binarie-heikin-ashi&861=1e  of water.
80 billion

Insider trading options yelp More than 80 billion pieces of clothing are made every single year – 400% more than 20 years ago.
15 million

http://coleface.com.au/coleface-visit-richglen/?s= More than 15 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year in the US alone.
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Driven by the materialistic values our culture has adapted, the way we clothe ourselves exploits the poor and rips our planet of its resources. All while looking filling the pockets of big businesses.

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TAKARA UNITED is a contemporary brand with an ethical and sustainable approach to both fashion and wellness. We combine purpose with style in all that we do.