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Kirsi-Marja Hardy

“There was a time when you were considered blessed if you bought a few new clothes at the beginning of each season. That was when 4 seasons was still a thing. I have a fond memory of saving up money as a teenager for weeks and weeks to get this coat I had seen and loved. I still remember the feeling I had with that beautiful electric blue all over me. The more I think about my fond fashion memories, the more I feel uncomfortable. You know, there is so much injustice in the world. No one should suffer for our beautiful clothes.”

Ida Nevalainen

“We all know that we can’t have influence over things we don’t know about. I never used to put any thought into the clothes I buy or the stories that my purchases tell. After I heard about how clothes are made, I couldn’t forget about it. People go after cheap and new clothes while forgetting that someone, somewhere made them – I used to do the exact same. I never thought that by changing fashion, the world could be changed, but now I know otherwise… We need to make a big change.”

Uniqua Hardy