We’re for the women who are confident yet vulnerable, courageous yet down to earth. For her, whose definition of beauty is staying true to herself, and who’s not afraid to take a stand or go head forward towards her dreams. For the overcomers who always choose to embrace life and love; for all of the diamonds that started off as chunks of coal.

“True beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul and seen through her eyes because that’s the gateway to her heart. “


“The greatest gift you can give a person is to see who she is and reflect that back to her”


This is our page of women from all walks of life. We celebrate women who have struggles, who are overcoming, who are victorious and who have found their potential within.

The TAKARA woman loves to explore the world around her, learn, and develop herself, yet she is down to earth and humble. She finds strength in her vulnerability, grace in her shortcomings. She is defined by optimism and love for those around her. She’s a risk taker, a life embracer, and she always fights for what’s right –  even if it was to come with a cost. When faced with hard times, the TAKARA woman fights like a tiger and comes out with the elegance of a swan.

All of these women are our heros, and the world is full of treasures just like them. These precious treasures come from different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds. We invite you to read their stories and perspectives with an open heart. We believe that we can learn from all people, no matter who they are, while our own roots are strengthened. We are all works in progress, jewels being refined and no matter what, we all need love and acceptance on our walk here on earth.

That being said, we do not always see things eye to eye, and that is the beauty of life in itself. When we put our fears aside and learn to love people with open heart we are all truly overcomers. We hope you find this platform a safe place to learn from women from around the world. In all our getting we get understanding, what a treasure!

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